Random Thoughts: NY Senate Race

I’ve come out as a David Malpass supporter, and while I haven’t followed the candidates running against Chuckles that closely, I personally like George Maragos a lot. That said, I don’t dislike any of the other candidates and would be happy to support any of them who win the primary in September.

But there’s something I read the rubs me the wrong way. The NY Conservatives held their nominating convention last Friday, nominating Joe DioGuardi and Jay Townsend to run for senate on the Conservative line. Speaking of the former, chair Mike Long said he, “…feels both the Republicans and the Conservatives ‘owe’ DioGuardi a debt of gratitude and should rally behind his candidacy this time around.”

Setting aside the fact that giving someone a job because you feel it’s “owed” to them says nothing aboot conservative principles, isn’t “You owe me” and “It’s My Turn” some of the reasons why the Republican Party is in the shape it’s in?

How aboot ALL the candidates earn the job in the eyes of the voters?  Let’s try that, see how it works.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: NY Senate Race”

  1. Joe DioGuardi has at least been on the conservative principle bandwagon throughout his political career. Malpass talks a good talk, but has not a single act or accomplishment to demonstrate to voters that he actually will do what he says. As for Blakeman, well, he’s in D’Amato’s pocket. Enough said.

  2. That’s fin, but let’s deal with those issues by having the candidates debate them and taking their case to the voters, not saying “we owe someone.”

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I was lucky enough to attend the Conservative Convention last week (it was my first state party convention of any kind!) and they couldn’t have been nicer hosts — letting me and many other Republican interlopers into the meeting room as “guests” even though we didn’t have any official purpose there.

    I think you’re misinterpreting Mike Long’s remarks — he said Joe was owed a “debt of gratitude,” not the nomination. But it was also nice for Joe to have Mike’s support as well. He got a resounding 69% of the vote of the delegates there — much more than someone who is simply “owed” something would get — and much more than any of the other candidates who got the Conservative endorsement.

    Joe’s crisscrossed the state in recent weeks, meeting Conservative and Republican committees alike, picking up support from all areas. Meanwhile Blakeman and Malpass have stuck to their home territories of Long Island and the City, and the lack of geographic diversity in their support shows it. David Malpass and his supporters were very gracious at the ConCon, by turning their support over to DioGuardi so there could be greater unanimity in the final numbers.

    We’ll see how our own convention goes, but I expect Joe to get the official nod here too. Then we can all work together to beat Gilly in the fall. See you tonight!

  4. Excellent points.

    It’s also worth noting – and I’m just realizing this now – that my support of David Malpass seems to gotten me more feeback from DioFuardi supporters than Malpass supporter. 🙂

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