Chris Christie: There’s Only Room for ONE ‘Boss’ in New Jersey

“If only he had some spare time, Washington could sure use Chris Christie.”

It’s funny. Here in New York we’re finally getting around to nominating our Republican nominee for Governor after months of unnecessary drama, and we already have the Democrat nominee acting like he’s the Republican running in New Jersey. Seems like a great time for another editorial on the awesomely awesome Chris Christie.

My key interest with what he’s doing in New Jersey is as a conservative living in New York, who keeps hearing the conservatism is dead in the Northeast and there’s no way a state as blue as New York would accept such arcane concepts as fiscal discipline. God willing Gov. Lazio will prove otherwise next year, but until then we have Gov. Christie as mad scientist and the state of New Jersey as a giant Petri dish.

As you’ll read on, the Governor done gone bonkers…

Executive Order No. 14 in particular will go down as a fiscal Emancipation Proclamation, freeing Jersey taxpayers from their special-interest slave masters — especially the entrenched government worker unions. “I reserve the right,” Christie stated, to take additional emergency measures “to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of this state, and to ensure the continued provision of essential state services.”

He froze state aid going to more than 500 school districts — and without bowing and scraping to the state lawmakers who think the money never runs out. Christie described them early this year as “those who continue to defend the old ways of selfishly protecting turf, who stay in the corner defending parochial interests.”

Having insisted on a spending freeze upon taking office, the three-quarters-of-a-billion-dollar shock the state just got isn’t throwing his administration into the panic that might have been expected. With the 2010 shortfall already covered, Christie now says of the $365 million fiscal 2011 number, “we’re going to be able to solve that problem without any new taxes at all and without any real significant cuts.” He told WCBS News on Wednesday, “I think we’re going to be fine.”

On top of that, “we’re not raising taxes,” he told the New York City TV station. “That’s it. It’s not happening.”



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