Marco Rubio: Yes He Can

“It’s going to require leaders who are willing to not only stand up to the Obama agenda, but offer clear alternatives as well.” has a great editorial from Marco Rubio that illustrates why so many of us were early supporters. It’s no secret that we need more “happy warriors” in the vein of Ronald Reagan who besides opposing the current regime, present conservative alternatives. That’s why so many of us found it maddening when the NRSC originally endorsed the Republican who a) was not a happy warrior, b) didn’t oppose the current regime, and c) presented no ideas of his own.

It’s not enough to have the better idea though, if they aren’t properly communicated. We can blame the media all we want for pushing the “Party of No,” but if we’re being honest with ourselves we haven’t always done the best job of illustrating why our vision is better for country and putting into context why our ideas are better for the voters.

Enter Marco Rubio…

As I prepared to become Speaker of the House, we created a book called 100 Ideas for Florida’s Future. It was a book of ideas and proposals collected over many months from all across the state. Many of them came from political leaders, academics and researchers. But some of the best ideas came from everyday working Floridians who simply wanted to promote limited government, maintain our freedom and keep Florida great. We took the 100 best ideas on issues like tax reform, education and insurance reform and put them in a book which became the foundation of my agenda as speaker.

Sharing our vision didn’t cost us politically. It enhanced us. We didn’t lose by taking risks, but we surely gained by showing the people of Florida that politics can be about more than just personal ambition and winning elections. We need more of that thinking in Washington…

Many countries have chosen to have the government run the economy. They chose to allow government to decide which companies survive and fail. They chose to allow government to determine which industries are rewarded. The problem is that when government controls the economy, those who can influence government keep winning, and everybody else stays the same. In those countries, the employee never becomes the employer, the small business can never compete with a big business, and no matter how hard your parents work or how many sacrifices they make, if you weren’t born into the right family in those countries, there’s only so far you can go.

He’s go into further detail what his positions and policies are, which I’m sure if you’re reading this blog you’re already familiar with. If you know any voters in Florida, get on the phone now!


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