Newt to Detroit: “You Suck and Here’s Why…”

I was going to go with “Newt Loses His Mind in Detroit Rock City,” but thought this headline was more apropos.

Whether it was last year’s “the world the works vs. the world the fails” or Newt’s new slogan “2+2=4,” one of his focal points in need of desperate reform (besides the big two, Sacramento and Albany), it’s the Motor City and home to Thomas LaDuke, Detroit. You can focus on any number of failures in Detroit…auto industry, the cartel known as the teachers union, the Tigers, etc. In a word (or two) it stinks.

So Newt travelled to Detroit to push his book, campaign for President (maybe), and/or lay out to the Chamber of Commerce why exactly they suck so badly. Of course, being a Newt Gingrich speech, he also has a few ideas for improvement…

Make Detroit a total tax-free zone, eliminating all federal, state and local taxes. “Detroit went from being No. 1 in per-capita income among big cities to 62nd today. No other city has gone from such a high peak to such a steep decline. You have to have a very bold plan to turn that around. … You’d be better off incentivizing private business to create jobs and investment than shoveling more money down through the bureaucracy.”

Offer parents education vouchers — he prefers to call them K-12 Pell Grants — “so they can send their kids to schools that actually work.”

Launch a strategic, four- to 12-year campaign to enact reforms that will make the state competitive, but are blocked by the special interests that control the state’s politics. “The people,” he says, “must start a Michigan Success Movement that is non-partisan and uses the initiative process to fundamentally transform the state through a series of targeted strikes that breaks the back of the old order.”

Of course in Detroit, much like Albany and Sacramento, 2+2=a ham sandwich…but what can you do?


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