TechRepublican: Blogger Outreach and the NY GOP Convention

Wherein your humble narrator engages in a bit of a flip flop.

And wherein your humble narrator gives a quick shout-out to his boss Lynn Krogh (as featured on for her big win this week. Bring on the Status Cuomo!

This past week, here in the great state of New York (the concrete jungle where dreams are made of and there’s nothing you can’t do) the GOP held our nominating convention to see who would be running in the fall. On my ironically titled blog, I had been writing about some of the behind the scenes nonsense and coming out in support of the candidates that had been I found to be the most impressive…because let’s face it, the opinion of a guy who sits in the basement eating Cheetos all day and playing on the Internets carries a lot of weight in these parts.

In the race to unseat Kristen Gillibrand (whose last name my Blackberry spell checks as “Gilligan” for some reason), I had come out in support of David Malpass. The funny thing is, it seemed to attract not as much attention from Malpass supporters as it did from supporters of one of the other candidates, Joe DioGuardi. I was then reminded of an aspect of new media I inexplicably never gave much consideration to…blogger outreach.



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