I like Pizza and Beer…AND David Malpass

“What this election really represents is a chance to find for the GOP a candidate who is skilled not in the old class warfare but in the policy debate.”

The dust has settled somewhat, and while the DioGuardi campaign is attempting to petition their way onto the primary ballot, the race for the US Senate Nomination is currently a two man race between David Malpass and his opponent who wants to frame this as the “champagne and caviar” candidate versus the “pizza and beer” candidate. Way to take the issues New York is facing seriously there, Sparky.

I’m a pizza and beer Republican too, and like to hang out with others who also like pizza and beer. I’m even drinking a beer as I’m writing this. However when it comes to who I want to sent to Washington a represent me, I want a guy who is less concerned what the other guy serves when he’s entertaining, and more concerned with health care, the debt crisis, Greece, China, Israel, energy policy, education, conservative values, lower taxes, limited government, empowering entrepaneurs, American exceptionalism, and a strong national defense. I want the “Shut Up and Govern” candidate.

More importantly, I want the candidate who can debate those issues in more than just catchphrases, and as a recent endorsement from the New York Sun lays out, it’s clear who that candidate is…

To set down Mr. Malpass as the “champagne-and-caviar” candidate is not only inaccurate (the meals we had with him at his home included hot dogs, hamburgers, beer and pizza) but a libel of the Reaganite, big-tent conservatism for which he stands. He knows the health care debate cold. He’s a stalwart on Israel and the struggle for democracies abroad (he once worked at the State Department). All this was evident in his speech to the Convention. Most of all Mr. Malpass knows the principles via which Reagan set the stage for the economic expansion that lasted, with only brief pauses, from the early 1980s until the accession of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to the leadership of the Congress. Mr. Malpass is the candidate in this race who understands how the policy errors of President Obama, Mrs. Pelosi and Senator Reid threaten to give us a double dip recession — or worse.

There are more serious issues facing this country than the usual class warfare jive. On September 15th, I’ll be voting for the candidate who understands that.


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