Chris Christie NOT for President

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reaching Michael Jackson “Thriller” levels of popularity amongst conservatives. Every time he “drops” a new video from one of his town hall meetings, it gets retweeted all over the internets, and generally leaves us with one to three quotable zingers. Folks keep saying “Christie in 2012.” While your humble narrator is as big a fan as the rest of you are, I do have one request:

Can we not make the same mistake with him that we did with Sarah Palin?

Everyone had the same high hopes with Palin, who was like an all-star college quarterback that entered the draft a year too soon, and you saw she wasn’t as good as you thought when she entered the pros. She was Tim Tebow, essentially. Up until Election Night 2008, I was willing to pin that on the mind numbingly incompetence of the McCain Campaign. After that, while she talked a good game and hit all the right notes, but when it came time for her to back the talk up, she didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. Chris Christie has already done more and exhibited a better understanding of the issues than Sarah Palin ever has. Up until now, it’s been just talk. He still needs to get his 2.5 Tax Cap on the ballot, the initiative needs to pass, he needs to show he can get other Republicans elected in New Jersey, and then he needs to get re-elected Governor…in 2013. That’s the year after 2012.

Personally, I believe he can do all of that, and I’m a zinger away from calling the Jersey YRs and seeing if they need a new media director. But let’s everybody slow their role and give him time before we go rushing him off to the Iowa caucuses.

Side note: If he ISN’T the one chosen to give the response to the next major address from the President, someone needs to be fired.


6 thoughts on “Chris Christie NOT for President”

  1. Let me know when Chris has anything bad to say about Barack Obama. In fact, his attorney general, who sided with California against the Christian Legal Society and with the State of New Jersey against the NRA, refuses to join the anti-Obamacare lawsuits. Sure, he replaced a liberal Supreme Court justice, but that was only after radio ads urging people to call him about Justice Wallace flooded the airwaves.

  2. You gotta bash Palin? Why not use the real disaster who had LESS experience and was elected on his looks: Barack Obama. I dunno. The poster above wants to know when Christie will hit Obama. Well, he has his hands full. But I’d also like to know why every so-called Republican has to prove his credentials by bashing a Republican first. And prove it to whom, exactly? To the same people on the left who’d slit your throat politically if they could get away with it.

    Just one example: Palin knew oil, that’s for sure and she brought the oil companies in Alaska to heel. Obama, on the other hand, slurped up more cash from BP than any other candidate — and employed the US Coast Guard to keep media cameras away from the clean-up to hide how bad it was from the people. He’s just let BP handle it and stayed out of their way, giving us nothing bug words.

    We can’t know if Palin would have done a better job, but you can be darn sure that had she won and Obama lost, we’d be hearing how great he would be in this situation. Do we really need to eat our own to impress people who hate us?

    Just check yourself and your analogy generator, John.

  3. I like the fact that he doesn’t bash the President. We need more Republicans who have the “Just Shut Up and Govern” philosophy. I feel it’s the best for the party, and more importantly, for the people who elect them in the first place.

    As for Sarah Palin, I’m just not a fan.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  4. I’m a big Sarah Palin fan, but it really isn’t even close. Chris Christie would make a much better candidate than Sarah Palin. To fight the main stream media, conservatives have to be an excellent communicator. For all of Sarah Palins positives, she just isn’t a great communicator like Gov. Christie is. I would love to see the Christie debate Obama!!

    Top notch communication skills are absolutely imperative for conservative candidates and Gov. Christie has it. If he can turn around New Jersey, he can turn around our country.

  5. I want to see some results in November first, then see him give the response to the SOTU. I will say that I can easily see him as a kingmaker in 2012 for whoever our candidate is.

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