Harry Wilson: New York’s Triple Threat

In New York, we have this thing call “fusion ballots,” where a candidate can run on multiple lines. The way it usually works, Republicans run on the Conservative line as well, and the Democrats are generally joined at the hip with the Working Families Party.

The toss up is the Independent Party…which has a habit of just endorsing incumbents.

That’s why it was huge that they opted against current comptroller Tom DiNapoli and instead chose to endorse his challenger Harry Wilson. This now gives Wilson the Republican, Conservative, and Independent lines comes November.

Wilson, of course, is more than happy to accept all three…

“I am running for New York State Comptroller to help save New York from going over the cliff financially, and I am enormously grateful to the Republican, Conservative, and Independence parties for standing behind me in that effort,” Mr. Wilson said. “New York has all the right assets for a robust economy, but our state government is smothering them under a blanket of taxes, spending and debt. New York taxpayers and job-producing businesses have been pushed to the edge for too long. They need a proactive state comptroller with the skills to begin turning this state around.”

I’m really excited aboot Harry Wilson’s campaign. Personally, I think he’s the prototype of the candidates the NY GOP needs to rebuild around: young, smart, tech savvy, intellectual, heavy on policy, and a product of the private sector instead of a life in New York politics. He’s exactly what we as a party need, and more importantly, what the people of New York need.

And at this point, it’s temping to call him the front runner.


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