Random Thoughts: NY GOP Senate Primary

We ended the GOP Convention with a “split ticket” to see who faces Sen. Kristen Gilligan. David Malpass and Bruce Blakeman are running in a primary, while Joe DioGuardi, who is petitioning to get on the Republican line, has the conservative nomination all to himself. There have been calls for any number of people to drop out, or for DioGuardi to drop the conservative line and “give it” to whoever wins the Republican one.

I have a better idea. How about we move up the primary to the beginning of summer, instead of having to wait until September 15th?

This is what primaries are for: three different candidates, each with different positive and negatives, and each with different ideas on what it means to be a Republican. This is where we should have a robust debate over what we want as a Senator, or even where we want the party to go, and then let the people vote on it.

But instead of having the primary in June, giving the candidates the summer to let the voters get to know them, then hit it hard and fast after labor day…we have to wait until the middle of September to know who the candidate is in the first place.


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