Rick Lazio: Reminding us that Andrew Cuomo IS Albany

The benefit of finally having a set nominee for Governor in New York is that Rick Lazio can now focus all of his energy comparing and contrasting himself to the Democrat nominee Andrew Cuomo. Well, the compare and contrast I’m sure is coming. Right now, it’s feels good just to be on the attack.

While Lazio was making the case other Republicans, Andrew Cuomo was getting away with trying to convince New Yorkers that he was a Republican. Besides fighting the “status quo” of his party controlling every level of Albany politics (and failing at it), he’s also going to cap property taxes, cut spending, and stand up to the unions…which own his party in so many words.

He’s also been able to dance around issues, which Lazio is more than happy to call him out on. Most recently, it was Gov. Patterson’s and his latest tricks to try and get a budget past…

“I don’t know if Andrew Cuomo has an inkling of what leadership is all about. He continues to equivocate.”

“The latest I heard is that he is talking about it being intriguing, and that’s Albany speak. And he knows a lot about Albany intrigue.”

“What I would say is yes, we need to complete these reductions,” Lazio continued. “I don’t know that David Paterson has another option than laying it on the table, right now, and saying to the Legislature: Listen, this is what I have come up with, if you have a better plan to save the same amount of money, then act like adults, come to the table, and support those reductions.”

Don’t get me wrong. Rick Lazio is going to have to go more in depth with specifics himself. I’d like to hear more on education, jobs, and the overall economy, and I’m sure that’s all coming soon.

In the meantime though, I’m more than happy to have him reminding us that Cuomo is a product of the same failed Albany culture he’s currently trying to run from.


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