3 Ways to Make the Avengers Movie Not Suck

I was watching the Incredible Hulk Movie this morning (Ed Norton version, which surprisingly gets a little better each time I see it) and got to thinking aboot the Avengers movie they have coming out in two years. Iron Man introduced us to Nick Fury, Tony Stark made a cameo at the end of hulk, there were Thor and Captain America references in Iron Man 2, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a man frozen in ice when the Thor movie comes out next spring.

To say Avengers will be the most hyped movie in the history of comic book movies is an understatement. Here’s the rub though: most movies that are hyped that much usually su-diddly-uck. While most of the newer Marvel movies have been really good (albeit not “The Dark Knight” good), it’ll still be hard to meet expectations.

The question now is how to make the movie not suck so bad, and ESPECIALLY not be a live action movie of the animated Avengers DVD’s (which were so terrible they should be studied). I have three ideas:

Planet Hulk –
Ed Norton wants nothing to do with the franchise anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use the Hulk. Let’s work the “Planet Hulk” story line into the movie where a group of hero’s (led by Iron Man) sent Hulk into space after he became a threat to society. The moral conflict in doing so will set up the movie, plus when the Hulk comes back to Earth in the end it’ll give us a great fight scene.

Secretary of Defense – At the end of Iron Man 2, Tony Stark was deemed too unstable to be a part of the “Avengers Protocol,” but they were keeping him as a consultant. Let’s have Stark reprise his role as Secretary of Defense as he was in the “Civil War” series. It gives Robert Downey Jr. more camera time as himself and to act, which is what made the Iron Man movies so great. Plus, later on when he puts the suit back on, it has some build up behind it.

Civil War – The main storyline in the “Civil War” series was a conflict between Captain America and Iron Man, who led the two opposing factors in the Civil War. We will have had three movies to familiarize the audience who each character is, and putting them against each other I think would be a very compelling story. It’d be easier to fill the rest of the movie with B- and C- level characters like they did in X-Men, because the two main ones we’d be focused on would be “Cap” and “Shellhead.”

As for Thor? I’m not that familiar with his history and backstory, but I’m sure he can be worked in rather easily. Maybe have Donald Blake side with Iron Man, and Thor side with Captain America.

Hollywood, just give me the call. I have “Final Draft” already installed on my computer.


3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Make the Avengers Movie Not Suck”

  1. The civil war storyline would be really good to see on screen. And I like your idea with Stark.

    The planet hulk idea though, I really don’t think that would work. The comics are able to do really goofy things with their storylines, such as send characters to other planets and different dimensions, etc. But that’s because their comics. The movies haven’t reached that level of “anything goes” and are still founded in some sense of realism where these powers exist, but still in a down-to-earth way. Planet Hulk is too out there for the movies.

  2. Not the hole “Planet Hulk” storyline. Just the part where they send him away, because it will set up the moral conflict between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. I would prefer them never eeeeeever doing an actual “Planet Hulk” movie. 🙂

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I sincerely believe that the Avengers movie will do well.

    They have a good director and any movie featuring Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America together has to be off too a good start.

    I’m a Marvel fan from way back and also a long time Marvel fan fiction writer:

    If you haven’t already done so check out my Marvel fan fiction. Just scroll down below my author profile and you will see over 40 fan fiction stories here:


    I’m also an Australian science fiction writer and the Norse gods Odin and Thor are featured in just a couple of my science fiction stories:





    I have a new novella “Soldier of the Brell” coming out as an e-book soon.


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