Review: A-Team

The big question with the new A-Team movie…how bad was it going to be? The commercials made it look terrible. Liam Nielsen looked like he was dressed as George Peppard for Halloween. Rampage Jackson looked like he has a Chia Pet growing on his head. They tried to fly a tank through the sky. It’s not like the TV series was ever going to win any awards for artistic achievement…but c’mon now. Flying a tank through the sky?

How bad was it going to be? Was it going to be just as bad as we were expecting it to be? Could it be slightly better? Or even worse, could it not even reach the low level of expectation that we had set. The verdict is in.

It was better than expected. Truthfully, the movie wasn’t that bad. It’s not the kind of movie I’ll watch over and over again, but as far as the movies I felt I wasted money on over the summer so far, this wasn’t one of them.

Most enjoyable for me was that they got the dynamic between Murdoch and B.A. perfect, which was the best part of the TV series other than the massive explosions and gun fire. I was also really impressed with Rampage Jackson’s acting. He won’t be staring in Shakespeare in the Park anytime soon, but did a great job with the material. When he needed to be funny, he was hysterical. When he needed to be serious, he did a lot better than you would expect an ultimate fighter to.

I also liked the way they worked in references from the TV series into the movie. Instead of making them so blatant it made your scream out “HACK,” they were subtle. There were the expected cameos from the stars of the TV series, but they were worked into the movie in a way that every movie based on a TV show should copy from this point forward.

Then ending was a little too “MICHAEL BAY…BOOM” for me, but other than that, the A-Team was an otherwise enjoyable movie and a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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