UFC 115 Results: What’s next for Chuck Liddell?

It’s over.

It might even be officially over by the time you read this. Last word is that Chuck Liddell was taken to the hospital, and I’m sure when Dana takes the microphone he’s going to say that as far as he’s concerned, Chuck Liddell fought his last fight. He’s lost five out of his last six fights…four of which were NASTY knockouts.

Chuck Liddell has had an incredible MMA career. The industry wouldn’t be where it is today without him. But, it’s time to say goodbye. The last think I think any of us want to see is him turning into the type of fighter who doesn’t know when to hang it up.

Chuck Liddell, thank you for the matches, the highlight reels, and the knockouts. Go enjoy the fruits of your labor. You’ve earned it!


3 thoughts on “UFC 115 Results: What’s next for Chuck Liddell?”

  1. Chuck should still be involved with the UFC maybe Dana White can hook him up with something like a card booker or an announcer job.

  2. when chuck the iceman was 36 years old he would of knocked out anybody rampage,anderson silva,showgun,rich franklin,

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