UFC 115 Results: What’s Next for Rich Franklin?

That might be a bigger win for Rich Franklin than when he won the middleweight title.

He really hasn’t gotten to do much at 205, mainly because his last three fights were either at 185 or a 195 catchweight. A win over Chuck Liddell that was not only decisive, but also possibly the fight that retired the “Iceman,” in my opinion put his in the top five light heavyweights right now.

Obviously Rashad Evans is getting the next title shot. There were also rumours of Rampage Jackson fighting Lyoto Machida…but Machida also happens to be Franklin’s first loss. That might be a more interesting fight.

There’s also Franklin vs. Randy Couture.  Of course, none of these fights will happened until his newly broken forearm heals.

Either way…wow!  What a fucking punch!


One thought on “UFC 115 Results: What’s Next for Rich Franklin?”

  1. How about Franklin VS Rampage, winner gets Machida? My thought is that you have Franklin trying to make inroads in the LHW division while Rampage is trying to rebuild himself. A fight with Machida should come when a fighter is a little closer to deserving a shot at the title, seeing as he was the last titleholder. Just some thoughts. Any of these combination would be fun to watch…and then of course someday The Spider will be in the mix and that will present some interesting match ups as well.

    Imagine down the line Franklin VS Silva…as Light Heavyweights!


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