Marco Rubio: Swagger of a Conservative

The main reason I supported Marco Rubio for Florida Senate early on is because he checks off all of the boxes we as both Republicans and Conservatives need in our candidates. One of those boxes is having someone to reach out to young voters.

Most young voters ran to then Senator Obama in 2008 because they were intrigued by his vision for America of both hope and change. Now that they’re starting to pay attention to his actual policies, little by little they’re starting to turn against him when it comes to dealing with jobs, health care, deficits, and jobs again.

The rub is, while most people reading this agree that we have the right message, we haven’t had the right messengers. Even if John McCain ran a remotely competent campaign in 2008, it’s hard to explain how a reduction in the capital gains tax will help with job creation while he’s yelling at voters to get off of his lawn.

Enter Marco Rubio…

How then to make conservatism cool again? Enter former Florida House Speaker and current Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Marco Rubio. It is reasonable to suggest that Rubio would not want to collect votes based on the perception that he is the coolest candidate. He is, by all accounts, a serious policy person. His book, 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future, was accompanied by “idea-raisers” held across the state where citizens could contribute their views…

Rubio seeks election to the U.S. Senate to stand up to the Obama agenda and offer a clear alternative. A Harvard Institute of Politics poll released in March suggests there is an opportunity to persuade young voters with that platform. Only 38 percent of young people approve of President Obama’s handling of the deficit and a majority disapprove of his management of the economy (51 percent) and healthcare (53 percent). Most telling, just 14 percent of those polled attending a four-year college believe that it will be easy to find a job after graduation…

Rubio has been presented as a plausible counterweight to the president for many reasons — the most significant comparison may manifest in the electoral etiology of his meteoric rise. An aggressive approach will lead young people to evaluate conservative principles — limited government, low taxes, and boundless opportunity — on the merits. If his overtures succeed, a statewide electoral victory propelled by young voters could begin a movement that energizes, modernizes and unifies the Republican Party before returning them to power in Washington.

I’d give the entire article a read, because it goes into more detail. Barry Goldwater has the conscience of a conservative. Marco Rubio definately has the swagger.


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