The GOP: An Equal Opportunity Employer

I tend not to be a fan of “identity politics,” but what I dislike even more is how Democrats get away with treating women and various hyphenated Americans like they’re nothing more than single issue voters who share the same brain and can’t possibly survive without Democrat help, then have the audacity to claim we’re the ones who are the racist sexist homophobes. This is doubly true when they then show how closed-minded and intolerant liberals can be.

This in no way changes the fact that our outreach into different voting group has absolutely su-diddly-ucked. One of the reasons is that we haven’t tried; buying into the Democrat spin and dismissing voters because we don’t think they’d vote for us in the first place. Another is that when you’re trying to sell your message into different communities, it helps if you have messengers from those communities.

As much as I hate liberals telling me how to live my life, I can imagine having old white guys telling various voters of color how they should live theirs is equally maddening. Thankfully it appears we’ve finally gotten the memo this election cycle, as reports…

There has never been a non-white female governor in the nation’s history — yet the GOP could elect two in November. New Mexico’s Susana Martinez, an Hispanic, won her party’s nomination last month, and South Carolina’s Haley, who got just less than half the vote in her primary Tuesday and is the heavy favorite in a runoff later this month.

In the West, where Democrats made significant inroads in the past two election cycles, Republicans have nominated a pair of women to run for governor and Senate in California, a woman to run for the Senate and an Hispanic to run for governor in Nevada. There also are competitive female gubernatorial and Senate candidates in Arizona and Colorado. In Hawaii, Lt Gov. Duke Aiona, who is of Chinese, Portuguese and native Hawaiian descent, is running for governor.

In Florida, 39-year-old Cuban-American Senate hopeful Marco Rubio became such a hit among conservatives that he forced a once-popular governor out of the party and is already being talked about as having a place on a future national ticket.

And after lacking a single black Republican in Congress since 2003, Republicans are fielding a number of African-American House candidate — including one, Tim Scott of South Carolina, who would be the first Deep South black Republican since Reconstruction.

I highly recommend reading the whole article, because you’ll learn aboot a lot of great candidates because it not only highlights some great candidates a future leaders, but also the effect it can have on the party for years to come.

Of course, it won’t stop the left from playing the race and gender card anytime they can. They’ve invested so much time and energy in it, they don’t know anything else.


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