Mitch Daniels is Right About Social Issues

A few blog posts ago, I had mentioned Gov. Mitch Daniels belong to what I call the “Shut Up and Govern” wing of the Republican Party where they never mind the bollocks, instead choosing to focus on issues ands governing. When Daniels said Republicans should “call a truce” over some of the social issues that divide the party, and instead focus on uniting around the economy and financial crisis, I agreed.

Many of the usual suspects didn’t, and have been attacking him over the word “truce,” which they call surrender. Nevermind the fact that Daniels’s social conservative credentials are impeccable AND has the record to back them up, because he suggested focusing on the global fiscal crisis, it equates throwing family values under the bus.

In my opinion, it’s a bunch of horseshit. The Washington Examiner agrees (albeit not in those words)….

“[IT’S] just a suggestion. It was an expression of urgency I think that all Americans should feel about certain other questions like the debt burden.” Daniels continued, “I chose the word truce because no one has to change their point and no one has to surrender. Simply, we have to come together to address what I believe are the most urgent problems of the country.”

The governor’s broader concern about the limits and priorities of government is certainly warranted. Our government hides behind infighting to ignore looming existential crises, and yet is currently micromanaging your salt intake and making sure employers don’t have unpaid interns. However inartfully he has explained himself, it seems unlikely Daniels will ever abandon principle. Refreshingly, chatter of a Daniels presidential run has been driven more by facts than personal ambition.

Aside from a solid record of defending traditional values, Daniels brought Indiana out of its significant debt to a $1.3 billion surplus and effectively reformed everything in the state government from child welfare services to the DMV. So far this year, Indiana has experienced more job growth than any other state, and Daniels’ popularity with Hoosiers is undeniable.

‘Nuff said.

Or at least for me, it is.


3 thoughts on “Mitch Daniels is Right About Social Issues”

  1. i may agree that mitch has pulled indiana out of some scrapes, but we r still not in the clear, u say that danials brought alot of jobs into indiana, where r they? i live in bloomington, i see jobs leaving instead of coming, and the jobs that r out there, u have to have a degree or such, what about us poor down to earth ppl that r barly making insmeat, , and how r we to get these jobs, we dont have degrees, and cant afford to get 1. i guess we little ppl r just sh-t out of luck for a good paying job. let 1 come my way that i can do and i will nab it in a heart beat.

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