Bloomberg for David Malpass?

Well, not Michael Bloomberg himself…at least, not yet. However, his girlfriend Diana Taylor has taken a liking to David Malpass, to the point of holding a fundraiser for him and forming “Women for Malpass.” No word on if they’ll be serving beer and pizza, but I’ve been to events at the Women’s National Republican Club before and they do a pretty mean BBQ.

The main reason I find this interesting is when it comes to Independent voters. Yeah, it’s to raise money for a Republican primary, which are closed. That doesn’t change the fact that according to the recent Sienna poll, Independents are leaving the Democrat candidates in favor of…not sure. The Republican who can tap into the discontent of those Independent voters can win.

Bloomberg is an Independent, who has already endorsed Republican candidate for Attorney General Dan Donovan. Taylor has proven to have an Independent streak herself because, while endorsing Malpass, she has also endorsed a Democrat in the NY-14.

If Malpass can make the case to those Independent voters (after winning the Republican primary, or course) to send him to Washington, combined with the 40% who would prefer someone OTHER than current unelected Sen. Kristen Gilligan, I think we’re looking at the new junior Senator from New York.


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