TechRepublican: How to Run in New York for No Money Down

I reached a new level of dorktitude this week (besides inventing the word “dorktitude”). There was a new Sienna poll released looking at New York’s statewide races, and I printed out all the crosstabs just so I could “crunch the numbers” during my lunch break. Everyone seems to have their own take away, either positive for them or against their opponent. My take away? No one knows who our candidates are.

An overwhelming number of people think New York is heading in the wrong direction and Independent voters are fleeing the Democratic Party like Jacob to freedom, yet except for gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio, no one knows who our candidates are…including our own party. A week after the GOP Convention in NYC over 75% of REPUBLICANS either didn’t know or don’t have an opinion on any of the REPUBLICAN candidates running for various statewide offices. Huh?

Admittedly this is the first time I’ve paid close attention to local elections in the state, so maybe this is normal. People keep telling me that NY usually starts late (our primaries aren’t until either Sept. 12th or 15th). I also know that most people aren’t as enamored by this stuff as any of us are. That all said, I still find it astounding that in an era of Facebook and Twitter where we know all about a gubernatorial candidate of South Carolina, a reality TV star running in the WI-7, and the race for Alabama’s agriculture commissioner, the fact that so many members of our party don’t know who’s running for our party in our own state seems like an #epicfail.

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