Paul Ryan: Even Europe Rejects Obamanomics…EUROPE!!!

I just can’t say no to a video of Rep. Paul Ryan, our quiet weapon warning us that we’re spending our way to bankruptcy. Plus it gives me a reason to remind everyone that he endorsed economist David Malpass for New York Senate.

A few weeks ago I wrote aboot how Ryan is slowly building an internet army of people, generally his age and younger, who are starting to realize just how much of a problem debt is becoming. As the Obama Campaign slowly wants to turn our culture into more of European style social welfare state, Europe is starting to realize that in the end it only leads to tears (see Greece, The Fall of).

Here’s his recent visit on Fox Business. The quotes are interpolated from

We are doubling down on this neo-Keynesian borrow and spend spree. It’s not working. We’ve lost 3.6 million jobs since the last stimulus was passed and they want to do more of the same. Bailing out state governments is the next roll of the dice. We are copying European economic policies of the past and that is going to give us a European kind of debt crisis in the future if we don’t change our policies. Yet the President is doubling down, giving us a big debt hangover…

What we have right now is a neo-Keynesian model being pushed, which means spend, spend, spend — and they still have no problem with all of these tax increases. This economic doctrine conveniently fits a political ideology. This political agenda is built upon building government programs, building up spending — and they use this economic doctrine to satisfy their political pent up demand. The so-called “stimulus” was not about jobs as much as it was spending money on all these programs that they have wanted to spend on for a long time. Now that they have Congress and the White House, the spending spigot is wide open.

Just press play…


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