UFC 116: Who’s Gonna Win, Brock Lesnar or Shane Carwin?

Okay, so I’m torn and I have a week to make my prediction.

On one hand, I am a HUGE Brock Lesnar fan and think the “real” MMA fans who sleep on him or whine that hes not a real fighter…whatever. Shut up. The way he wrecked Frank Mir and Randy Couture looked pretty real to me.

On the other hand, Shane Carwin is undefeated in twice as many fights as Lesnar has had. He also ha Greg Jackson training him, and I never root against Jackson’s fighters.

Who do you think is going to win? Leave your prediction in the comment section.


7 thoughts on “UFC 116: Who’s Gonna Win, Brock Lesnar or Shane Carwin?”

  1. Here’s my completely amateur, bandwagon jumper, couch coach analysis : )

    From a psychological standpoint, Carwin has gotten this far by punching people into oblivion and I would assume sees no reason to fix something that ain’t broke. I think he also believes that Brock will try to stand up with him, giving him an advantage over a guy who just got back from injury and has not had a tune up fight (which worked like gangbusters for Rampage).

    However, I think Lesnar is talking tough about throwing leather and his real game plan is to stay in the clinch with Carwin, limit his striking and wrestle him to the ground. If he can keep Carwin off of his game and out-wrestle the guy I believe Lesnar wins by either submission or decision.

    However, after being away for a while (and nearly dying) who knows how good Lesnar’s chin is so if Carwin wallops him early, then there you go. If Lesnar has little to no chin, Carwin in the first round. If he does, he’ll probably win like I said above, by submission or decision. I do not see Lesnar being able to knock Carwin out (but stranger things have happened and I could be wrong).


  2. I am gonna have to give this win to Lesner he has been approving with every fight. I predict a 2nd round win (via Submission) to Lesner. Carwin is a great fighter I just don’t think he is a well rounded fighter to beat Lesner right now.

  3. lesnar vs carwin. equal in wrestling ability. carwin has superior boxing but if one of lesnars huge hands hit its over. the key for lesnar to win is to take him down and ground and pound. carwin will have to stay on the feet an hit him with his visous combos because lesnar being the heavier of the too will be alot more difficult to take down

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