Bobby Jindal: It’s Fargin War

The Gulf Oil spill is a tragedy and colossal #epicfail that we as a country will be dealing with for some time. I do have to say though that, purely from a political stand point, dealing with the crisis has given Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal another chance in the spotlight.

Jindal was one of the young conservative leaders many of us had hung all of our hopes and dreams on…until his debut on the national stage and that absolute disastrous response when President Obama’s addressed the nation for the first time. It was so disastrous, we’ve haven’t heard much from since then, which was unfortunate because his voices is one we could have used all throughout 2009.

That was then. Now, while people argue over whether it’s worse to play golf or go yachting, Gov. Jindal is declaring war. So sayeth the Gov. in a local editorial

We proposed 24 segments of sand booms to fortify against the oil. While the Corps’ review process drug on, we took matters into our own hands and redirected our state-operated dredger on East Grand Terre to begin creating a sand boom wall of protection on that island. Only days after we directed this work, oil hit that area and today the sand boom on East Grand Terre is actively holding oil back from entering interior wetlands and waterways.

After weeks of delay, the Corps finally approved six segments in our plan. But the Coast Guard announced it would only call on BP to pay for one segment. We wouldn’t take no for an answer. We got together again with coastal parish leaders and met with the president and National Incident Commander Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen.

We told BP to stop sending us lawyers and lobbyists; they had two choices — either begin work on the segments or get out of the way and let us begin the dredging work ourselves. We chose option two for them and signed an emergency contract to begin work on the sand boom segments ourselves — again taking matters into our own hands to protect our coast.

The war against this oil spill continues today, and our commitment to winning this war has only grown stronger. We will not wait on bureaucracy or wishful thinking. We will continue to move forward on our own to implement our own ideas for protecting coastal Louisiana, even when BP and the Coast Guard don’t agree with our plans.

I know the President has been mocked for saying we should “pray,” but in response to Jindal’s response…Amen!


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