Brock Lesnar to Fedor: You Suck

The big question is how Fedor Emelianenko would do in the UFC, and if he’s really as good as the hype. We might never know, since last week he said he wasn’t a fan of the UFC…and this week he’s rumoured to be at least thinking of retiring.

Current UFC Heavyweight Champion Brook Lesnar isn’t impressed

“Good for Fedor, I hope he does retire.” Lesnar commented. “He’s the greatest champion of all time. He’s the greatest champion ever, of all time, in his own little world. Good for him. Absolutely [I can beat him]. I can beat anybody.”

You can’t call yourself the best until you’ve beaten all the best, and if Fedor is seriously planning on retiring before facing anyone in the UFC Heavyweight division, it’s a punk move.

And while Brock is still a little bit of hype himself (he’s only 4-1), ending Shane Carwin’s undefeated streak and then Cain Velasquez after than…he’ll have a lot more behind his calling out Fedor.


2 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar to Fedor: You Suck”

  1. If Fedor never fights in the UFC, he’ll never get the level of respect that he could be getting. He needs to get his handlers out of the way and fight top-tier guys that are at the top of their game.

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