Newt Gingrich: Republican Governors are What’s Up

Newt Gingrich is a popular person to have opine on how Republicans will do in 2010. Besides being everyone’s favourite “will he/won’t he” candidate for President, he was also the cat who led the GOP Revolution in 1994. You may or may not have heard on the news, but 2010 is looking to be 1994 v2.0 depending on who you ask. If you ask Newt, he says instead of Congress, look to our Governors.

It makes sense. Talking about conservative principles and ideas are one thing. Being able to actually back up those words with action – put them to practice and successfully back them up with action – is something entire different. Governor’s have the opportunity to do so since they run things…like states.

And like Gingrich brings up, we have some great Governors both in office now, and coming on the way…

The answers, in Gingrich’s eyes, seem to be with the party’s governors. He cites Chris Christie (N.J.), Mitch Daniels (Ind.), Tim Pawlenty (Minn.), Bobby Jindal (La.), Haley Barbour (Miss.) and Bob McDonnell (Va.), people who “represent fundamental change.” He seems especially high on Christie, whom he calls the “most interesting governor in America today.”

Asked about the role of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, and whether that’s the direction the GOP should be headed, Gingrich says the party is “much broader than that,” and mentions gubernatorial candidates John Kasich of Ohio, Meg Whitman of California and Scott Walker of Wisconsin as those who are making the conservative case for what Republicans stand for.

Could one of these leaders be our next leader?


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