Random Thoughts: Gen. McChrystal and Rolling Stone

I’ve been thinking aboot this Gen. McChrystal/Rolling Stone Magazine kerfuffle all day, and I’ve come to the following…

1. I agree with the criticism that McChrystal must go. Had this been Larry Summers or Tim Geitner giving a blistering criticism of their boss – and resigning afterward – I’d admire their candor. McChrystal isn’t a cabinet member. He’s the top general over seeing a war at the direction of the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. You disagree and argue with him in the Situation Room. You then stand up and say “Thank You, Mr. President.”

2. I also agree, somewhat, with the people questioning what is going on behind the scenes re: our war strategy. If he felt this frustrated, there are serious questions to be asked while acknowledging McChrystal was completely out of line.

3. Anyone notice the one person he didn’t criticize was Hillary Clinton?


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