Chris Christie for…VICE President?

Chris Christie is not running for President. He said he’s not running for President. It makes no sense for him to run for President. It’s still hard for someone who is increasing growing as popular as he is to NOT have people call on him to run, especially when many of us on the Right are bored with who our side has right now.

But what aboot Vice-President? He’d make a great running mate for any Republican candidate, and if he was asked to run by our candidate for President it would be hard for him to say no. My personal opinion is that this is just crazy talk.

Dave Weigel does make a good case though…

I bring this up because last week I pointed to a Quinnipiac poll which showed New Jersey more or less split on Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) and split on whether he was a “bully” or a fighter for their interests. They opposed his spending cuts but approved of his pitched battles against the state’s entrenched unions. All of this stood out because, outside of New Jersey, Christie is becoming a beloved conservative star. Talk to a plugged-in conservative activist and he’ll rattle off the list of accomplishments — changing the balance of the state Supreme Court, massive spending reductions, bringing Democrats on board with a salary cap for public employees, and — oh yes — endless YouTube videos of him dressing down his enemies.

Within New Jersey, this is going to be fairly unpopular as long as the economy is sluggish. Outside of New Jersey, it’s making Christie the most visible, and visibly active, warrior against entrenched liberalism. For that reason I’d call Christie a clear frontrunner for the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential nomination. Not the presidential nomination — he’d have to start running in six or seven months, which would be ridiculous. But in two years, when the GOP’s nominee starts looking to fill out his ticket, who will have more appeal to the base and a better record on issues that every conservative agrees with? Who will make them more confident about his (or her) ability to tear apart Vice President Joe Biden in a debate?



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