Newt’s for Jobs

The time for this is perfect. On the same day the latest NBC/WSJ poll give President Obama a 50% disapproval rate in handling the economy; Newt Gingrich has a town hall meeting and an editorial in “Human Events” on how to create jobs.

The administration seems to have had a problem in that area. They passed the stimulus bill to guarantee unemployment would stay below 8%. Now that unemployment is hovering around 10%, all they seem to have is an energy bill that might create “green jobs” to replace all of the current energy sector jobs it’s going to kill. Not a lot of promise.

Here comes Newt Gingrich once again, with more of those ideas the media likes to claim we don’t have…

• Reducing the payroll tax by half for 2010 to provide immediate liquidity for companies
and employees;

• Eliminating the capital gains tax to encourage investment in new companies;

• Reducing the corporate tax rate to 12.5% to make us competitive globally;

• Permanently eliminating the death tax so small businesses and family farms can continue creating jobs for future generations;

• Providing immediate business expensing so American workers have the best equipment and are the most productive.

It’s a Newt article, so it’s worth reading on that point alone, let alone to read him go in debth on how the President’s plans on wrong and and his are right, plus whether or not we’re facing a double dip recession.


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