What do Nikki Haley and Tim Scott have in Common?

It’s not that they have darker skin than me. It’s odd though because I swore that NBC News (which unlike Fox is a serious news organization) kept reporting that the Tea Party is anti-black and anti-woman. Hopefully one day journalists like Keith Olberman and Chris Mathews can learn to judge someone by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

No, what Nikki Haley and Tim Scott represent are a new crop of Republicans who are getting back to their small government conservative roots, which unless you’re bathing in Kool Aid, you know we’ve strayed from. And if that means running against the establishment of their own party as hard as they would the Democrats, so be it.

Who knew South Carolina would be such a hotbed for this “progressive conservatism?” So sayeth the Washington Examiner…

Republicans there have nominated Nikki Haley, the daughter of Indian immigrants as their gubernatorial candidate. They have also picked a black state legislator, Tim Scott, for a congressional seat over the son of Strom Thurmond, the 1948 segregationist candidate who later migrated with his state’s voters to the Republican Party…in Haley and Scott’s victories, race was mostly irrelevant. While Barack Obama’s racial identity was a major selling point for Democratic voters, South Carolina Republicans seem to have been embracing conservatism, rather than diversity for its own sake.

Haley appears to be a political juggernaut in her own right. The Mama Grizzly stamp of approval from Sarah Palin may have helped Haley survive the outrages of a dirty primary, but it seems pretty clear that Haley’s moxie is what got the job done. Haley has some of Palin’s sparkle on camera, but much more obvious depth on policy.

This year’s South Carolina primaries may have been the last battle in a war that his been raging between the more socially conservative, fiscally liberal Republicans establishment that grew out of the ashes of the Dixiecrat dream and a small-government insurgency.

Scott is a down-the-line conservative while Thurmond the younger is a “business-friendly” Republican, which means he isn’t opposed to government power as long as it is used to help his side.

Give the whole article a read. I just pray that these two don’t let us down the same wak Mark Sanford did. I’m not ready t o love again.


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