Obama to the Private Sector: FOOLED YOU!

This article comes to no surprise to me, because during the day I’m employed by a small business (like I think 70% of America), and I know how much Democrat economic policies, particularly under the current regime, are making it hard for us to keep it together. And that’s just the national policies…don’t get me started on the statewide ones.

It’s because of this I found it so surprising that larger companies were quick to cave in to an administration who is clearly anti-private sector, and apparently thought that if they played nice Obama wasn’t going to raise their taxes and pile on more regulation that makes it harder for them to create jobs, keep costs and prices down, and otherwise stay in business.

Apparently they’re starting to wake up, at least according to a recent Wall Street Journal article…

Agreed, said Roundtable President John Castellani, in an op-ed the same day. We stuck with that majority “through trying circumstances,” even “alienating many of our traditional colleagues,” and what did we get? They keep “vilifying” the private sector! And taxing it, and empowering unions, and ignoring trade. “The time has come for a new course,” declared Mr. Castellani, a mere 18 months after Democrats announced plans to tax companies, empower unions and ignore trade…

And guess what? Health care passed. Democrats moved on to new priorities, including another round of unemployment benefits and spending. And guess what, then? The House decided to help pay for it with $14 billion in . . . taxes on companies that operate overseas. The Business Roundtable reeled off a denunciation, which congressional Democrats ignored.

Now that it thinks about it, the Business Roundtable is hard-pressed to name much the White House has done for growth. It is standing by as taxes increase on dividends. Its financial reform threatens derivatives and opens boardrooms to activists. It has failed to pass trade agreements. It still wants union “card check.” Its EPA is taking over energy markets. It will stifle the Internet. It has ignored tort reform. Immigration remains broken. Deficits are nuts. Even that health-care bill is creating “uncertainty.”

It would have been nice if they realized this in 2008.

Of course, it would have also been nice if the Democrats weren’t running more or less unapposed, but that’s not the issue here.


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