Random Thoughts: Dave Weigel

I think everything that needs to be said has been said on the Dave Weigel/WaPo kafuffle (Byron York has a great write up). I’d just leave with these three thoughts:

1.  I think it was less aboot Weigel as much as it was the frustration of having the President of the United States whining aboot how biased Fox News is while you have the NY Times and Washington Post hiring HYPER-partisan liberal bloggers to cover politics for them, without even pretending to care aboot balance.

2.  By hyper-partisan (which Weigel wasn’t), I mean the kind of open-minded and tolerant liberal progressives who accused the McCain campaign of racism every other week, doesn’t think there’s a difference between me and one guy out of a thousand holding up a “Go Back to Kenya” sign at a protest, and view conservatives not as people to be debated…but to be “exposed.” That last part gets me the most because besides them being closed minded and intolerant of people who disagree with them, if we’re so wrong aboot everything…shouldn’t debating us be easy?

3.  If WaPo would have done something as simple as hire Robert Bluey to balance out Ezra Klein, there wouldn’t be as much outrage.


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