Chris Christie Gets His Budget Passed

I’m cautiously optimistic about Chris Christie because while he says the right things and has us flocking to YouTube for his latest dose of “common sense porn” (it kills me to have to quote Glenn Beck), I still want to seem him get actual results before I put the Christie ’12 bumper sticker on the back of my car. I always draw comparisons to Sarah Palin who, after only being Governor for a year and saying the right things, we decided was ready to run for Vice President. Oops.

There was also Arnold Schwaretzenegger who was re-elected Governor, tried to get four ballot initiatives passed, and was trounced by the unions and other special interests in California. He didn’t try again after that, and I think California is more or less bankrupt.

So yeah, I wanna see results before getting too excited about Gov. Christie. Hey look! Results

Gov. Chris Christie is expected to sign his first budget into law this afternoon, as he continues the final push for a sweeping property tax overhaul.

The Democrat-controlled Legislature passed the Republican governor’s $29.4 billion spending plan early this morning, following a long and arduous night of debate at the Statehouse. Christie has scheduled a signing ceremony in South River for 1 p.m., about 12 hours after the Assembly approved his plan.

“This budget deals responsibly with the fiscal nightmare we inherited and makes the tough and necessary choices to restore fiscal sanity to our state and begin fundamental reform,” Christie said in a prepared statement released just after the Assembly’s 1:13 a.m. vote.

Next is his consitutional ammednment capping property taxes at 2.5 %.


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