Speaker of the House…Eric Cantor?

Well, maybe this is why John Boehner took such an honest approach to social security? According to Politico.com, he might have competition from within his own party. Speaker of the House Eric Cantor?

I haven’t written aboot Cantor in a while, but I’m still a big fan. He’s the cat that dragged the party kicking and screaming to the Internets, one of the three behind the GOP’s “Young Guns” program to get younger candidates, and seems to care more aboot ideas than he is aboot just being a Republican. He even has a book coming out in August.

I’m sure this is all inconsequential, right? Hmmm…

This is classic Cantor: a hyperambitious move to publish and push ideas he thinks will help rebrand the GOP, on his terms — and not necessarily those of his boss, Minority Leader John Boehner. If this were an isolated incident, it would pass without a peep. But it’s not: Cantor is earning a reputation for pushing his ideas so hard and so often that some GOP colleagues are questioning his motives. Is he guided by a burning desire to help the party — or to boost himself?

“Boehner is running 1994 all over again,” a senior Republican lawmaker said, meaning Boehner wants to rely on a wave of voter anger with Democrats to ride into the majority. “Cantor and [California Rep. Kevin McCarthy] see it totally differently.” McCarthy serves as Cantor’s top lieutenant in the whip organization and is one of the co-authors, along with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), of Cantor’s new book, “Young Guns.”

This part I think is important…

Cantor’s aggressive approach delights younger, more conservative Republicans, some of whom are uneasy with Boehner’s steady-as-we-go attitude. These members believe Republicans are mainly winning right now because they are the lesser of two evils. To truly rebound, they want fresh ideas, fresh blood and a fresh approach to politics.

Right now, our focus needs to be on taking the House back in November. After that, once we have the power and it comes time to choose sides, I have a good idea whose side I’ll be on.


2 thoughts on “Speaker of the House…Eric Cantor?”

  1. He loves himself, here comes 2000-2008 again. Republicans are against do anything for the people in this country and against United States. Is’nt that like the talaban. They don’t like anything about this country either. One way to save money is for the republicans to quit giving money to Ron Goldmen and cut the money in half that goes to other countrys. We have people and children that die everyday due to starving and being homeless. Come on lets get your shit together.

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