Bob McDonnell: Balanced Budgets are for Lovers

There’s tons of attention on NJ Gov. Chris Christie, but slipping under the radar is the other conservative Gov we elected in 2009, Bob McDonnell in Virginia. They have different styles, but both are producing results with their “Shut Up and Govern” style of…well, governing.

Quick side note: click here for a GREAT interview with McDonnell.

Both of their constituents make me jealous, because God only knows how much New York can use a dose of common sense and competence. Take budgets for example. Albany can’t get for example. The Democrat Party can’t get a budget passed when they control ALL THREE branches of state government.

Bob McDonnell and Virginia? Different story. So sayeth the man himself…

Forging consensus across party lines, we found the spending reductions necessary to balance our budget. And on March 14th, just one day later than scheduled, the General Assembly adjourned with passage of a new biennial budget that contained no tax increases, kept car tax relief in place and made Virginia’s government smaller and more efficient while adding major new tools to attract job-creating businesses to the state. There was no deadlock, no overtime session and no government shutdown. There was simply frank discussion and bipartisan cooperation to get state spending under control in a responsible fashion during a difficult economic period.

The passage of this budget has positioned Virginia for economic growth and job creation in the years ahead. As one of the few states to budget already for Fiscal Year 2012, we were one of the first to have to prepare for the end of federal stimulus dollars. And while many other states turned to higher taxes on their citizens to navigate the difficult present, we did not, making Virginia a more attractive location for businesses and families in the future. Remarkably, even in these tough times, we will likely realize a small budget surplus at the end of this fiscal year. This is a Virginia success story. Promoting fiscal discipline, strengthening free enterprise and bringing new ideas and entrepreneurship to government are the keys to our future economic vitality as a state and as a nation.

I hear Virginia is a nice place to live too. Just sayin’


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