Chris Christie: “It was his finest moment as governor…”

We wanted results and Gov. Christie has started to deliver the results. The first was having his budget passed with bi-partisan support. Though, to be fair, Christie didn’t get everything we wanted. He told “Morning Joe” that he only got 99.872 % of what he asked for.

What I found surprising was that even the newspapers were singing his praises, which they don’t normally do with anyone that has a (R-State) after their name. The “Newark Star Ledger” said it was his finest moment of governor, and even went so far as to issue a warning to state Democrats. Yes, you read the right.

So sayeth (I think) NJ’s #1 newspaper…

It was his finest moment as governor. Our hope is that Democrats resist the pressure from public employee unions and shake the hand the governor has extended…

The second big fight will center on the governor’s “tool box” of reforms aimed at helping local officials control costs. The sharpest tool would cap increases in labor costs at 2.5 percent as well. That would include salaries and benefits, and apply to both towns and schools. That’s the provision that the unions will fight to the death, in the Legislature and in the courts. But it’s time for that showdown. Labor costs constitute the bulk of local spending. Without this tool, it’s unreasonable to expect local officials to live with the cap.

The initiative now moves to Democrats. If they resist this sensible reform, they better have a good explanation for voters next year. If not, the governor may have just opened the door to a GOP takeover.

I can only hope the NY GOP is taking notes.


3 thoughts on “Chris Christie: “It was his finest moment as governor…””

  1. Chris Christie is a disingenuous, divisive, un-Christian, un-reconstructed Confederate hypocrite.

    He claims to care about New Jersey residents and then screws them over to tend to the richest of the rich who pay his campaign bills. I’m pretty sure that puts him in direct violation of the “bearing false witness” commandment.

    Additionally, this country was founded as a direct challenge to the immoral and ultimately self-destructive collusion between exclusionary wealth and exclusive government power riding rough-shod over the rights and interests of everyone else. Our government was not instituted to perpetuate a feudal system of personal enrichment for the wealthy and well-connected.

    Chris Christie is either dangerously ignorant or willfully dismissive of this. Either way, he and any other conservative “no taxes” nit-wit is not only unfit for office but a threat to representative, republican democracy.

    On this Fourth of July weekend, I can think of nothing better than re-declaring independence from the Republican party, whose members insist on re-establishing the very things the colonists revolted against way back in 1776.

    You can either be a good Republican or a good American — you cannot be both. And the sooner radically elitist Republicans are removed or recalled from elected office, the easier it’ll be for the rest of us to work toward a more perfect union.

  2. Who cares. Keep drinking the Kool-aid. Corzine had the chance to re-up the tax and didn’t. Christie didn’t cut their taxes, he refused to raise them. There is a difference. The so called “millionairs tax” was promised to be a one time stop gap, and 1000’s of people fled. What would have happened if they passed it again? Get socked with a state tax% approaching 11% for just one more year??? Nope. It’s a hop skip and a jump to flat income tax PA where the tax rate is something like 3%. What would you do??? Pay $110,000 in NJ income tax? Or $30,000 in PA tax?
    NJ doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.

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