Brock Lesnar Exposed: He’s Overrated and Sucks

I swear, Brock Lesnar can beat God and Mike Ditka at the same time, and the net nerds would still be complaining aboot how much he sucks. Dominating Randy Couture was a fluke. Dominating Frank Mir was a fluke. And while hardly dominating, beating Shane Carwin was a fluke too.

In the last case, he was “exposed” in the first round and the referee should have stopped the fight.

Three things:

1. It’s a heavyweight TITLE fight. You let the fighters go.

2. Part of training is learning not to panic when you’re getting pummeled.

3. Brock is still the undisputed champion.

Suck it.


6 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar Exposed: He’s Overrated and Sucks”

  1. 1.Mir is a joke, any loser can beat him

    2.He had Courture by how many pounds?

    3.He did a good job beating carwin with his face till Carwin Gased.& BTW I have seen people get pounded less in the UFC and they stopped it.
    BTW no skill pure steroids and weight

      1. Velsaquez doesnt have the strenght to beat Brock.Put someone like Josh Barnett they would open him up like a box of cornflakes.To bad hes retiring.

  2. Ha ha ha… Cain Velasquez raped Brock Lesnar. That wasn’t just a loss. It was a complete and utter humiliation. Lesnar got beaten like a rented mule.

  3. Haha ya he is undisputed alright lol undiputed most overhyped fighter of all time. Hands down, overeem proved it. SUCK IT NUTTHUGGER

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