OMG! Harry Wilson Makes More Money than Me! WTF?

I know. I’m shocked and outraged. Harry Wilson made more money than me, therefore he’s corrupt and evil and unfit for office. Worse, he made his millions and millions of dollars working for a hedge fund. He probably voted for George W. Bush too. What a big jerk. #sarcasm

Seriously though, I know after the financial meltdown I’m supposed to be upset at anyone and everyone who works in the financial sector (though not at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or the Democrat Party who controlled Congress at the time for some reason), but instead I have this crazy idea that we need people who know something aboot the economy to help try and fix the economy.

This is especially true if that guy is running for Comptroller. Case in point

In 2008, assets fell 29 percent. New York State’s fund, which is run by the comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli, a former state assemblyman with no previous investment experience, lost $40 billion in 2008.

Setting aside the fact that 2008 was a financial mess for most of the country…wouldn’t you want some who HAS investment experience, or experience being something other than a politician?

Because, I have to be honest, our current unelected comptroller (along with our current unelected Governor) really is doing an amazing job balancing the books and keeping the state of New York solvent.

(That was #sarcasm too).


One thought on “OMG! Harry Wilson Makes More Money than Me! WTF?”

  1. It does seem to me that most of these F#$%tards could start by calling for an end to the Fed and the IRS. They are the cause of the inflation/deflation and all the bubbles in our system.

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