Did Barbra Streisand Just Endorse Paul Ryan?

Ok, so not really and I don’t want to get Paul Ryan in trouble with any of the “real” conservatives, but I still thought this was kinda funny and maybe a little telling. Picture it. Aspen, Colorado. 2010.

The Aspen Ideas Festival, where all the people who are smarter that you and I, are getting together to discuss vital social issues n’ stuff. These are the people who you would think are Obama’s “base,” academic and rich. These are the people who you think would fully embrace Obama’s hard left turn to a more European style economy.

Au contraire, mon frère. Instead, the growing consensus seems to be that he doesn’t have a clue. However, they have someone in mind who does…

[Harvard business and history professor Niall] Ferguson called for what he called “radical” measures. “I can’t emphasize strongly enough the need for radical fiscal reform to restore the incentives for work and remove the incentives for idleness.” He praised “really radical reform of the sort that, for example, Paul Ryan [the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee] has outlined in his wonderful ‘Roadmap’ for radical, root-and-branch reform not only of the tax system but of the entitlement system” and “unleash entrepreneurial innovation.” Otherwise, Ferguson warned: “Do you want to be a kind of implicit part of the European Union? I’d advise you against it.”

This was greeted by hearty applause from a crowd that included Barbra Streisand and her husband James Brolin. “Depressing, but fantastic,” Streisand told me afterward, rendering her verdict on the session. “So exciting. Wonderful!”

Maybe she had her iPod on and was listening to her and Neil Diamond singing “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.” But can you imagine if Barbara Streisand – Barbara FUCKING Steisand – has turned on Obamanomics?

More importantly, how long before Paul Ryan is at the top of every Vice Presidential short list come 2012?


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