Newt to Obama: Here’s Some Free Advice on Jobs

I’m sure President Obama will jump at the chance to take advice from Newt Gingrich, one of the eighty-seven Republicans rumoured to be running against him in 2012. That said, when he’s lost even Arianna Huffington – ARIANNA FUCKING HUFFINGTON – on his lack of focus on the economy and jobs, the President might want to listen to what Gingrich has to say.

Unlike all those other Republicans the media tells me attack the President with no ideas of their own, Newt attacks with at least three different ideas per issue. He’s even created his own think tanks to help develop those ideas, and taking them from anyone who has a good one, albeit an egghead economist or someone from the “real” America Sarah Palin writes books about.

Gingrich even went the bi-partisan route and suggest Obama call two people, a Democrat and a Republican…

The first call should be to James Carville to ask to borrow his sign from the 1992 presidential campaign that said “It’s the economy, stupid.” President Obama should hang that sign in the Oval Office as a reminder that government policies can either help create jobs or help kill them, and every decision his administration makes going forward must favor job creation.

The second phone call should be to Congressman Jim Jordan. Congressman Jordan has introduced the Economic Freedom Act, a series of bold tax cuts that would empower job creators to do what they do best. I’ve written about the Economic Freedom Act before and you can read details here.

The worsening economic data will provoke calls for Congress to take action to spur job creation. In choosing how to move forward, the administration can either repeat the same mistake they made last time and let Nancy Pelosi draft another big-government spending bill. Or he can learn from the failure of the stimulus and work with Congressman Jordan to pass the Economic Freedom Act.

If President Obama can summon the courage to recognize reality and change course, the left wing of the President’s party will be furious, but the country will be thankful.

He goes in to much more detail, so I highly suggest reading the entire piece.


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