Random Thoughts: Democrats Heart Wall Street

I’ve blogged aboot the Democrat Party (and unfortunately, some in my own) demonizing anyone who as held a job on Wall Street a) because we have two great Republican candidates in Harry Wilson and David Malpass who both have Wall Street experience, and b) as a New Yorker we need the revenue Wall Street makes in order to fix the billions of dollars in debt the state is in. All demonzing the people making the money does is drive them and their businesses to New Jersey and Connecticut.

That’s why I found this article amusing aboot a pro-Wall Street DEMOCRAT who is running a primary challenge in the NY-14, and being attack by liberal activists like Chris Matthews for it. There was one line I particularly liked:

“I’m not pro- or anti- Wall Street, I’m pro-New York City”

She probably won’t unseat the incumbant, so I would encourage my fellow NY Republicans to steal that.


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