Obama Hearts the Politics of Fear

“But folks are tired of the games, and are ready for change. The mantra for the GOP might be ‘nationalize and energize.'”

I found this article amusing because the author, Mark McKinnon, was part of Team McCain in the 2008 primaries…but left once the general election started because he didn’t want to run against Barack Obama. He admired Obama and liked his positive message of hope and change. Why McCain ’08 even kept him on the campaign knowing he was going to leave is a blog post for another time.

Either way, like most moderates who supported Sen. Obama in the primaries are were filled with both hope and/or change, they’re beginning to realize he was all talk (or even realize that Hillary Clinton was right about him all along). This is clear going into 2010, as President Hopeandchange’s entire midterm election message seems to be the same politics of fear that the Left used to criticize George Bush and Karl Rove for.

But when you have nothing else to run on…

…this from the campaigner who said: “Let’s resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.” So much for his 2008 promises to bridge the partisan divide. Is all hope gone?

With the unemployment rate at a record high and the president’s approval at a record low, Democratic candidates have no coattails to ride, no good news to share. So time to engage in character assassination, with a bit of mudslinging thrown in.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is now digging for any dirt it can find on Republican candidates in close races to send to local reporters. And the Democratic National Committee has launched a Web site to solicit videos of Republican candidates’ gaffes filmed by partisan plants with cams in the crowds.

Meet the new politics, same as the old politics.


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