David Malpass on Financial Reform

The most recent poll (I don’t feel like looking it up) showed that more voters would prefer someone other than Kristen Gilligan than they would Kristen Gilligan (hey, that’s what my Blackberry calls her). While voters haven’t warmed up to any of the Republicans running against her yet, it does leave the opportunity. Enter David Malpass.

Some people just don’t like her playing Fozzy the Bear to Chuck Schumer’s Frank Oz, but for me it’s the lack of authenticity. This was the formerly proud, gun totin’ Blue Dog Democrat who upon being “enlightened” by New York City liberals has turned into an allegedly progressive leader. That’s just the type of gal she is this week.

Malpass? He made a lot of money on Wall Street. Instead of pretending he didn’t or playing the role of some faux populist (like others), he embraces it because it’s that experience that the people of New York need, no matter how much the Democrats look to demonizing anyone who makes more money than you.

And it’s that experience that allows him to come out strongly against the President’s alleged “financial reform” and know what he’s talking aboot…

“Senator Gillibrand won a primetime spot next to President Obama during today’s bill signing at the expense of New Yorkers. After taking millions of dollars from Wall Street, her Washington loyalty will cost New Yorkers jobs, billions in revenue and fails to make the financial system safer. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were conspicuously absent from this legislation, just as today’s news revealed the taxpayer’s bailout of their mortgage commitments had topped $3.7 trillion. New Yorkers are sick of the back room deals and bad legislation designed for photo ops. The good news is that Washington politicians will finally be held accountable by the voters in this election.”

The Malpass/Gillibrand debates are going to be entertaining.


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