Did Randy Altschuler Just Become a Congressman?

Ok, so he still has two elections to win first. Just read…

Emil K. Everett from SuffolkCountyRepublican.com had a post up on how Speaker Pelosi is looking to cut loose vulnerable Democrats in 2010, to try and focus more on the races they can win. And with most polls ranking Tim Bishop and the NY-1 has “leans Dem” at best, already decided that the New York Democrat is a lost cause in November.

This makes the Republican primary in the NY-1 that much more important, where personally (even though as a NY-3 resident I’m down with the King, as in Peter) I’ve come out in support of Randy Altschuler. George Demos and Chris Cox are great candidates (that later of whom I think should have moved to and ran in the NY-2 instead), Randy I think has the ideas an experience that, more importantly than winning in November, the NYGOP can start to rebuild the party around.

Just for the hell of it, here he is hammering Tim Bishop on taxes…

Suffolk County taxpayers should prepare to be mugged! At the end of this year the largest tax hikes in American history will take place. That’s when the 2001 and 2003 GOP tax cuts are set to expire and the inaction of Tim Bishop, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress will lead to an extra $1 trillion being lifted from the bank accounts of taxpaying American.

Americans will see across the board hikes in every personal income tax bracket. Those individuals currently in the 10% tax bracket will see a jump to 15% and those in the 35% tax bracket will see that number jump to 39.6%. Similar jumps will take place in all other brackets.

But that isn’t all; the death tax will jump from zero to a 55% death tax rate on estates over $1 million. The capital gains tax will rise from 15% to 20% in 2011 and jump an additional 3.8% in 2013. Add on top of these, taxes linked to Obamacare and hikes on employer taxes as well as the alternative minimum tax and 2011 will be a bad year for taxpaying Americans.

New York is already one of the highest tax states in the nation and this tax hike is sure to be the ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’ for many cash strapped New Yorkers. In our current economic crisis Tim Bishop should have the courage to stand up for taxpayers everywhere and call on Nancy Pelosi to renew the 2001 and 2003 GOP tax cuts.

For more on Randy, click here.


6 thoughts on “Did Randy Altschuler Just Become a Congressman?”

  1. you gotta be kidding me.

    this progressive tried to buy in in NJ, moved thousands of jobs out, registered green and has been quoted as saying he wants to be the leader of outsourcing white collar jobs to India

    you gotta be kidding me

  2. If the Greek government did an Enron with its own books, and Greeks Trojan Horse their Greek taxes, what makes you think they pay the IRS? They go to Greece annually to tend their undisclosed accounts on soviet Cyprus. Notice the soviet spy money laundered Metsos disappeared with Cyprus complicity? The Turks would not let him escape because they don’t share the soviet religion. That is why Cyprus must remain divided! Did Illinois Giannoulias, Florida’s Crist, California’s Angelides and New York’s Gianaris apply Greek budgeting techniques like Sarbanes Oxen? Greek Ponzi fourfold Eurodefecit boasts Trojan Horse Perfidy, Klephth Brigandage. Upset that industrious Albanians invaded their lazy, gungrabbing, babykilling homeland, the soviet-churched Greeks vindictively hire, house and promote illegals. As quakes render their homes disposable, Greeks are oblivious to the very concept of maintenance. Instead of blaming environmetalists for fires and socialists for deficits, jealousy driven soviet faith seeks scapegoats. Olympia Snowjob supports Obamacare and abortion because of her gangreen patriarch (Is Orthodox Christianity progressive? Michelle Boorstein Washington Post 11-4-09 Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew spoke about the spiritual imperative for nonviolence, universal health care and reducing consumption to help the environment.) Ancient Greeks reduced consumption to help the environment through infanticide and sodomy. Palamite Zealotes massacred Thessalonian aristocracy in preparation for Cantacuzene usurpation via hesychast hyperventilatory hallucination. This soviet socialism motivated Anatolian farmers to embrace Turks in the 1400s to avoid redistributative taxation and then for liberated mainlanders to migrate to Smyrna in the 1800s. Ain’t gonna vote for Do Kaka Goat! Avenge Jake, Hang Bart!

    1. “Lakis” or should I say “Ali”, you are quite out of toutch with reality. What is this “soviet” nonsense you are alluting to. Cyprus has one of the best budget control systems of any EU members states and in fact its the EU laws that are making it and some other member nations less competitive. Cyprus has rebuilt itself out of ashes with minimal extenal support due to the financial wisdom of its government leaders. No doubt the Greek government should follow its example to get out of its mess and get competitive.

      Secondly, what do American political figures have to do with the economy in Greece or anything going on there or elsewhere outside of the United States ??? WHAT IS YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE MESS THERE AND WHY HAVE YOU CAUSED THAT ECONOMIC CRISIS ! ! !

      Why Should Cyprus remain Divited and occupied by Turkey ??? Is it because you are a Turk or because you don’t care about right vs wrong, the ethnic cleansing, colonization, thousands of killings, colonization, and ongoing destrustion of the Christian and Greek identity of the occupied part of Cyprus done by Turkey !

      By the way do a google search on all the “soviet”, Russian, and other foreign spies cought red handed in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

  3. Altshuler vs Bishop NY First District
    Not for nothing but, I sense that there were many violations of
    Voter Fraud going on across the Country as previously perpetrated
    by the ACORN agencies.

    Some results are not final yet.

    For instance, Randy Altshuler (R) NY vs Tim Bishop (D) NY
    First Congressional District.
    Mr. Altshuler was leading in the Polls 42-40. However, one “local” Poll
    had Altshuler down by 12%. (SEMA)?

    As a “Poll Watcher”, my figures to the actual number of voters showing up at my District and what “party” they signed in as, are as follows.

    Actual Total of my 3 Districts one hour before closing.
    Rep. 405, Dems 265, (B)Blank 97, Conservative 15, Independent 33, (O) Other 8 . Total of 823 “Voter’s” Most of the (B’s) were registered
    as Republicans.

    In my opinion these numbers projected a favorable position for Mr. Altshuler.

    However, after the Poll Booth’s were closed it was announced on local Broadcasts that Bishop was leading Altshuler by 52-48.
    The early morning November 03, count was
    Bishop (D) 91,616 …….. Altshuler (R) 88,284 a minus 3,332 for Altshuler became 51-49%.

    to 13,000 Absentee Ballots to be counted.

    Several of the Local (Democratic) favored News Television Stations did not report that there are over
    8,500 ABSENTEE BALLOTS that have NOT been counted yet.
    Which just might grant Mr. Altshuler a Victory.

    In fact, Some local papers report: 9,500 Absentee Ballots

    During a Local Debate, Tim Bishop stated his support and respect of Local Unions including Teachers, Police, Firemen and some local government employees who are paid for by the “Taxpayer’s”. It appears that the
    incumbent Bishop caters to Union bosses in an effort to receive their votes, while “ignoring” the Taxpayers who pay their salaries.

    If Bishop has his way, all of us will soon be seeing a big deduction in our paychecks come January 2011, along with a domino increase on the costs of goods and services they buy.

    Bishop supports the Healthcare Bill, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, the Cap and Trade Bill proposal, etc., and agrees that the “Bush Tax Cuts” should expire.

    Several months ago, Bishop “requested” a Police escort in order to leave his Office in Melville, NY during a local Peaceful “Tea Party” gathering.

    Bishop has also “voted” the same as Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time.
    Pelosi currently just “lost” her status as the “Speaker of the House”, along with several incumbent Democrat Senators and Congressmen who lost their jobs completely by the popular vote of Americans who were dissatisfied with their overall job performance and conduct.

    Tim Bishop completely ignored the “voice” of the People who locally were against the Healthcare Bill and the Obama policies and agenda in general.

    During the campaign for “Congressman” there was not too much
    adoration for incumbent Tim Bishop. In fact, he actually canceled his
    Town Hall meetings. Jobs were being lost at an alarming rate under
    his watch. The only thing Bishop did was to accuse his “opponent”,
    Randy Altshuler (R)
    of “outsourcing” jobs by means of extensive mailings and unsavory television commercials without facts.

    On the other hand, Mr. Randy Altshuler who is a successful businessman, Harvard educated, has produced “thousands of jobs” World Wide which enabled him to create over a “thousand” jobs in the United States.
    These jobs would not be possible without the co-existence of “hands on” experienced Foreign Worker entrepreneurs who are favorably positioned “geographically”. Their knowledge of terrain, language, customs, cost effectiveness, and their Nation’s Laws are essential.
    This is what you call, “Outsourcing of Necessity”.


    The many American jobs created by Mr. Altshuler would not be possible if not for the mutual combination of Foreign Workers on location, led by the expertise of American Organization & Job Creation.

    It was Mr. Altshuler’s “Brilliance” that tapped into an opportunity for
    job growth in the American sector.

    Please read Randy Altshuler’s History:

    This is why, Tim Bishop’s claims of “Outsourcing” American Jobs is totally bogus. Tim Bishop’s previous failure of a Suffolk County east
    end College does not give him the stage to speak of job sourcing. For now, I will not remark on a huge list of Bishop constituent disappointments.

    Mr. Altshuler is against the ever growing amount of taxes being forced
    upon the people, plus the wide range of “rules and regulations”
    that are imposed to open a business.
    Government spending and taxation is way out of line and needs to
    be halted.
    The governments job should be to “help” the People, not hinder them.
    I’m sure that Mr. Altshuler would agree with that.

    Mr. Altshuler exploded his desire to get Our government back on track to listen to the People.
    Which means:
    A Majority of the United States want more jobs, definitely less
    Taxes, enforced border protection, less government interference and basically to “Listen” to the People. No back room deals, full transparency.
    Honesty is the best Policy……Dan Smith, Ridge, NY

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