Paul Ryan Calls Out the GOP

It’s not that Republicans have no ideas. The problem is the ones that do have been getting passed over in lieu on Tea Party caucuses. To an extent, I can understand. We’re this close to victory and we don’t want to make any sudden moves. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s horseshit. And apparently, Paul Ryan is starting to show his frustration.

He’s got a plan that you may or may not have heard me talking aboot in this blog, “A Roadmap for America’s Future.” It’s not without it’s critics on the right (Erick Erickson for one), but it’s a serious effort to grow the economy, reduce the deficit, make health care more affordable, and reform the entitlements that are bankrupting the country.

Ah yes, debt. The greatest current National Security risk to our country and one that Republicans are going to do something about after President Obama increased the debt like whoa. Or, so Republicans say

“I wanted to go out there, not necessarily saying I have all the answers. I wanted to put a plan out there, saying here’s how I would do it; please come up with your plan so that we can get the debate going,” Ryan said Thursday in a speech at the Brookings Institution, a think tank in Washington. “Unfortunately when I jumped in the pool and asked others to jump in the pool, we haven’t had many folks swimming around.”

Fellow Republicans have been slow to voice their outright support for Ryan’s “roadmap,” which calls for simplifying the income tax, eliminating the current corporate income tax and replacing it with a business consumption tax of 8.5 percent on goods and services, and repealing health care reform and replacing it with income tax credits for individual and family plans.

They’re talking to their pollsters and their pollsters are saying, ‘Stay away from this…“It became clear to me that we were just going to continue to hit each other as two political parties, where if you step out with anything bold, anything different, anything remotely considered politically risky, you will be beat up and lose and nobody will follow you, and you will come for an impasse.”

The internets are lousy with editorials asking if the Republican Party has learned their lessons from the past. If there plan is to talk aboot reducing the debt, criticizing the other side for increasing it, and then not doing anything aboot it when they’re in office…they obviously haven’t learned a damn thing.


6 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Calls Out the GOP”

  1. In response to Erik Erikson’s objections – he doesn’t seem to actually have any. Why would we be bound to Ryan’s plan if something came out that sent some part of it down the road of awry? It’s not a bill…it’s a ROADMAP. Erikson himself admits it is, foundationally, a good plan. It has great ideas – of which most Repubs right now are not offering. Repeal and replace (healthcare) is the same as repeal and start over essentially – you had to start over to get the “replace”. His piece sounds more like he backs someone else that would be directly competing with Ryan and he’s weary of detaching his loyalty or something. If there are kinks, they should be hammered out – don’t throw away shirt because you found a string. Erikson’s overall argument, methinks, is that government sucks so we shouldn’t trust them to do anything right, ever. While this may be true, we have to do something, and Ryan’s plan is WAY better than just something – inaction on the right is more dangerous than action that might have some loopholes for the left (which can be closed).

    I see a bright future for Ryan. 🙂

    – Dacia

  2. I agree that Erick didn’t seem to have massive disagreements with Congressman Ryan’s Roadmap; it felt more to me like a reaction to this “We love The Roadmap” swell of support.

  3. Dear Mr. Ryan,
    The Republicans have lost their intestinal fortitude. If they want to regain the House and the Senate, they must, and I repeat THEY MUST have a strong platform.
    Repeal Obamacare
    Repeal the Reform Bill.
    Protect our borders
    Be strongly pro-life
    Get us out of the UN
    Close down the dept of Education.
    Close the IRS
    Close the dept of agriculture.
    Give States back their authority.
    Give those 40 and under the choice to opt out of Social Security.
    Stop entitlements for illegals.
    Bring the Free Market back.
    Get out of Banking and the Auto Industry
    Stop being puppets of the banking cartels.
    All of this Mr. Ryan is a good beginning and will take back our Country.

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