Another Post on Paul Ryan vs. the GOP

It’s getting tiresome writing aboot the same thing over and over, but as long as it keeps pissing me off…

It would appear that while Paul Ryan has recently scrapped with left wing ideologues like Ezra Klein and liberal hacks like the 2008 Douchebag of the Year winner Chris Matthews, his fiercest opposition to actual budget reform seems to be coming from within his own party.

The attitude seems to be to shy way from thing like “ideas” and “reform,” out of fear that shouting anything other than “Repeal! 10th Amendment! Ham Sandwich!” will be used against them. Apparently the GOP as a national party hasn’t a) learned from Chris Christie’s popularity, and b) learned from their past mistakes.

But what are they actually afraid of, losing…or winning? Hmmm…

At a recent appearance touting the Roadmap at the left-leaning Brookings Institution, someone asked Ryan why more conservatives weren’t behind his budget plan. “They’re talking to their pollsters,” Ryan answered, “and their pollsters are saying, ‘Stay away from this. We’re going to win an election.’ ”

His remarks illustrate the tension among Republicans over their fall agenda. Some strategists say the GOP should focus on attacking the Democrats; others want the party to offer a detailed governing plan.

The discomfort some Republicans feel for Ryan’s proposals goes beyond November. If Republicans were to take control of Congress next year, Ryan will rise to chairman of the Budget Committee. He could use the position to hold colleagues accountable for runaway budget deficits and make it more difficult for fellow Republicans — and Democrats — to stuff bills with expensive projects that add to the problem.

The GOP was given a stay of execution. The party was supposed to be extinct, but no one was expecting the Democrats to be as incompetent and tone deaf as they were in the past year, nor were they expecting the Obama Campaign to be more concerned with Fox News that they ever were aboot “hope” and “change.” That said, if they do take the House this year, they’ve got all of two years to impress us.

If the plan is to take control of the House (and possible the Senate) and go back to the way it used to be – spending and increasing gov’t, only not being “as bad” as the Dems – they can plan on Speaker of the House Alan Grayson preceding over Obama’s second term.

Personally speaking, articles like this make me ready to go rogue.


4 thoughts on “Another Post on Paul Ryan vs. the GOP”

  1. It’s so aggravating. The democrats won in 2006 by blasting the GOP on their spending, and they still don’t get the point. Except of course for Chris Christie. He gets it, and people can learn from him. I like the ideas of reform that Paul Ryan has, but I do have issues with his voting record.

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