David Malpass and the Fiscal Insanity of Washington

I’m not entirely sure when this happened, but apparently this week the Democrats passed another spending bill, this time to give a financial bailout out to states that have proven to not be good with money in the first place. Surprisingly, New York was in fact one of those states. I know, and we’re usually so fiscally solvent too.

Of course, our two Senators (or one Senator and his marionette) have been celebrating the money we’re getting, using baseball analogies and claiming to have jumped up with joy and did a dance when the bill passed. Setting aside the fact that you would have to be beyond naïve to believe this money is going right to the schools as opposed to the Democrat party’s benefactors in the teachers unions, with most of this debt spending…at what cost is it coming to the tax payers?

Here comes to quote from David Malpass…

“Senator Gillibrand and her colleagues in Washington have once again chosen to ignore fiscal sanity by passing a $26 billion aid bill for big-spending states with no attempt to reduce spending elsewhere. For the first time since 1974, Congress has been unwilling to pass a budget, even as the national debt rises toward $14 trillion. Both Washington and Albany have been living beyond their needs for far too long, refusing to make the tough spending choices that would put their fiscal houses in order. Instead, yesterday’s party-line Senate vote approved more deficit spending plus a huge $10 billion corporate tax increase. Spending goes up, taxes go up, and the drain on New York gets worse. New Yorkers deserve a senator with the political will to reign in Washington’s out-of-control spending growth, not another go-along-to-get-along Washington tax-and-spend loyalist.”

Side note: I know there are some who will read that and say, “But the corporations are evil and corporationy. You’re just in the pocket of Big…place demagogued industry here.” That might be, because we all know that anyone who makes more money than us is evil and corrupted by default, and should have it taken away from them. The rub is that when the government takes away $10 billion a) it makes it more difficult for those industries to CREATE JOBS, and b) all it does it cause the cost of the goods and services they provide to go up.

So before celebrating because the CEO’s of the Labor Unions are going to get richer thanks to Sen. Schumer and Gilligan, ask your self at what cost is it to the rest of us.


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