Paul Ryan: Flimflam Sauce? Seriously?

When I read that left wing hack Paul Krugman dedicated a column to attacking Paul Ryan and his “Roadmap for America’s Future,” I almost squirted my Pabst Blue Ribbon out of my nose. It’s your usual New York Times editorial: “Anyone who has a different political opinion than me is an idiot, and here’s why.” Though instead of accusing Ryan of hate mongering or racism like many of his colleagues at the Times, he accused him of being a flimflam man covered in flimflam sauce.

(And before anyone says it, yes I realized Krugman won the Nobel Prize. He won it with the same qualifications and reason Barack Obama won it, a) he’s hyper-liberal, and b) he isn’t George W. Bush.)

Admittedly, I’m not an economist. I also usually rely on libertarians as referee’s when it comes right vs. left issues, so I’ll let smarter people like Reason Magazine and Megan McArdle critique the specifics (McArdle also points out the Krugman, “…could easily have gotten answers to his questions if he had wanted them.)” Instead, I’ll just shill for Paul Ryan and let him defend himself…

By dismissing credible proposals as “flimflam,” critics such as Krugman contribute nothing to the debate. Standing on the sidelines shouting “boo” amounts to condemning our people to a future of managed decline. Absent serious reform, spending on entitlement programs and interest on government debt will consume more and more of the federal budget, resulting in falling standards of living and higher taxes as we try to sustain an ever larger social welfare state.

The American people deserve a serious and civil discussion about how to reduce our exploding debt and deficit. By relying on ad-hominem attacks and discredited claims, Krugman and others are missing an opportunity to contribute to this discussion and are only polarizing and paralyzing attempts to solve our nation’s fiscal problems.

I reject the notion that these problems are too big or too difficult to tackle or that it is acceptable to leave future generations of Americans an inferior standard of living than we enjoy. The “Roadmap” shows that a European-style social welfare state is not inevitable, that it is not too late for our nation to choose a different path and that we can do so in a way that preserves our freedoms and traditions.

Tell ’em Steve-Dave!


2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: Flimflam Sauce? Seriously?”

  1. Why does anyone care what Krugman thinks anyhow? Keynesian economics is equivalent to the flat Earth theory from the pre-Columbus era. Maybe it’s like a Lady Gaga fascination. Next up, Fire Crotch Krugman!!

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