Education Reform: Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush Stylee

“Marco Rubio understands that God has given every child the ability to learn.” – Jeb Bush

We had a little scare in the Florida Senate race where Marco Rubio lost his lead over Charlie Crist. Thankfully now that the Gulf oil spill is getting cleaned up and people are reminded that Crist is an un-ideological tool, things are back to normal. Rubio was back to a five point lead in Rasmussen, and while I don’t necessarily trust Ras on its own, it was backed up with a six point lead in Mason Dixon.

We can now return to vital social issues n’ stuff, like education. Florida was a home to the education reform movement thanks to former Governor (and the man who should have been 43) Jeb Bush, and while the current Gov, recently vetoed Florida’s education reform bill, the former appeared with Marco Rubio recently as he unveiled his plan to reform the education system.

Some of the highlights…

Rubio said parents should get a tax deduction for whatever money they spend on their children’s education, from private-school tuition, school supplies or after-school programs: “There’s no reason why every American should not receive a tax deduction for their children’s [schooling],” he said.

Other parts of the plan: giving parents better access to information about a school’s performance, using federal Head Start money to fund children’s pre-kindergarten tuition and not pre-kindergarten programs, and setting up a national competition to find the best virtual programs for online learning.

And Rubio proposed expanding existing Florida programs: the corporate income tax credit, a voucher program; the McKay scholarship, a voucher for students with disabilities; and the state’s litigation insurance to protect teachers from liability from what Rubio called “frivolous” lawsuits.

Now all we have to do is focus on getting him elected to the senate.

Then do the same for Jeb Bush two years later.


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