Eric Cantor: Let’s Stay Focused on the Economy

With taking control of the House as a possibility – one none of us felt was possible a year and a half ago – I expect our candidates this year to stay focused on the economy and ignore the various other issues that have made this August the silliest silly season EVAH! It’s nice to see Eric Cantor agree.

One of the concerns with the Republicans taking over the house again so quickly is whether or not we’ve learned out lessons from the last time we pissed away leadership. I have my doubts when some on our side seem more focused on constitutional amendments you know they’re never going do anything aboot, or a Mosque that outside of New York should be an issue, than they are on the economy.

I think all Republicans running for the House or Senate this year needs to focus on five issues and five issues only: jobs, jobs, jobs, debt, and jobs. That’s why I found it promising for the would be House Majority Leader to say…

But Cantor, who stands to become the majority leader if Republicans win the House, is notably avoiding a few hot-button political issues as he promotes the GOP agenda during the August recess. He’s not talking about changing the 14th Amendment, he doesn’t think votes will turn on the ground zero mosque controversy and he doesn’t seem eager to embrace the culture war issues that defined the prior Republican congressional majority.

And in a stark contrast to the mood in Washington, Cantor avoided taking shots at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama as he visited with business leaders, toured a charter school and spoke to a conservative Republican group in Hanover County on Friday…

In one of his interviews with POLITICO at O’Banks in Ashland, Va., the House minority whip said the culture wars that are so prevalent on television news — the mosque in Manhattan and the battle over repealing parts of the 14th Amendment — are not driving Republicans or voters. Cantor said he wants GOP candidates to run on “what their constituents are interested in, and by and large, that has to do with what in the world is Washington doing to us when it comes to getting our economy back.”

Cantor promises specifics coming next month, and he even wrote a book along with colleagues Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy aboot them. That’s good, and I’m hoping they follow through and STAY FOCUSED on the issues that matter.

The “Shut Up and Govern” Caucus of the GOP is watching.


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