The Situation on Chris Christie

Yeah, instead of a hack Springsteen or Bon Jovi reference, I went with the “Jersey Shore.” Granted I’m sure ‘The Situation’ probably couldn’t even spell governor let alone know who Chris Christie is, but I digress. Less talk aboot jobs.

In between having a movie made about him, and being passed over for the President’s “Race to the Top” funds over a clerical error (out of a 1,000+ report), the Governor was recently profiled in Business Week magazine. There was much new that we don’t already know: some biographical stuff, other Republican nominees look to him, he’s pissing people off, etc.

However, there was one paragraph that I feel needs to be highlighted…

Verizon New Jersey President Dennis M. Bone, interim chairman of a new public-private partnership called Choose New Jersey, says Christie has energized businesses by working to hold down their taxes, streamline regulation, and keep jobs in the state. Christie says when he heard that Honeywell International (HON) was about to move its 1,200-employee headquarters from Morris Township to Pennsylvania, he told CEO David M. Cote, “Give me a week.” Christie offered tax credits that persuaded Honeywell to stay—and expand.

Let’s see now: low taxes + regulation that makes sense = jobs.

And you wonder why so many of my fellow New Yorkers are moving across the river.


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