Sarah Palin’s “Roadmap for America’s Future”

I’m a Sarah Palin agnostic. I don’t dislike her as much as I dislike the fact that everyone thinks they need to have an opinion on her. I dislike having to defend her from the liberal media whenever they go on the attack over petty bullshit (particular involving her family) and blame anything that happened in 2008 on the mind-numbing incompetence of the McCain campaign. I also dislike having some of the zealots who follow her go on the attack every time anyone makes the slightest criticism of her.

I also reserve the right to disavow knowledge of anyone who seriously tries to compare her to Ronald Reagan. A) it’s not funny. B) Reagan is the Republican Highlander: There Can Only Be One.

If she chooses to run, she’s no where near my first choice as a candidate. It isn’t because she’s a woman or not part of the establishment, I just never considered her to be serious. Fine, she knows the catchphrases and the ten word version of conservative dogma, but outside of Fox News and the assignments she posts on Facebook…has anyone challenger her on any of it?

Here’s the rub. The preceding paragraph? All before last Friday when she penned a Wall Street Journal editorial endorsing Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap for America’s Future.” So sayeth Mrs. Palin…

Put simply: Our country is on the path toward bankruptcy. We must turn around before it’s too late, and the Roadmap offers a clear plan for doing so. But it does more than just fend off disaster. CBO calculations show that the Roadmap would also help create a “much more favorable macroeconomic outlook” for the next half-century. The CBO estimates that under the Roadmap, by 2058 per-person GDP would be around 70% higher than the current trend.

Is Rep. Ryan’s Roadmap perfect? Of course not—no government plan ever is. But it’s the best plan on the table at a time when doing nothing is no longer an option.

Let’s not settle for the big-government status quo, which is what the president’s commission offers. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to make these tough decisions so that they might inherit a prosperous and strong America like the one we were given.

Obviously anyone reading this blog knows I’m a huge fan of Paul Ryan’s. Does this cause me to jump on the Palin 2012 bandwagon? No. Here’s what I love aboot her latest move though. Ryan’s “Roadmap” is now the floor for any potential Republican presidential candidate. Each and everyone one of them now has to answer as to whether or not they agree with Palin’s endorsement, or come up with a plan of their own.

If Paul Ryan becomes the bare minimum conservatives accept intellectually…THAT’S the debate I want to see in the GOP.

Kudos to Sarah Palin. Now make me a believer.


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